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Wedding Vlog

Luminare Wedding AA 101 - South Melbourne Wedding Bridal Suppliers

South Melbourne Wedding Bridal Suppliers

Wedding planning is a long journey for every bride-to-be in Melbourne. From choosing your dream wedding dress to your favourite wedding photographer, finding your best wedding bridal suppliers involves a lot of travelling and meetings. Sometimes this whole process can be a little bit overwhelming and you might wonder: Is there a place that are filled with heaps of bridal shops so I can save time from travelling around different suburbs? South Melbourne is one of the magical places where wedding dream comes true. With a laid-back vibe, the South Melbourne is also filled with lots of renowned wedding suppliers. In this article, we are going to unveil some of the best wedding suppliers in South Melbourne for your wedding in 2020. South Melbourne Bridal […]
The Farm Yarra Valley Wedding Photography EM 34 - Candid Wedding Videography Melbourne

Candid Wedding Videography Melbourne

I’m a candid wedding videographer in Melbourne who loves using the authentic and natural wedding videography to unfold couples’ wedding story.

Ruby & Tyson Wedding Day – Melbourne Wedding Vlog – Emu Bottom Homestead Wedding Vlog

Emu Bottom Homestead Wedding | Melbourne Wedding Vlog We had a fun day with our bride and groom Ruby and Max on their wedding day shoot at Emu Bottom Homestead. Emu Bottom is regarded as one of the oldest homestead wedding reception in Melbourne. And it is perfect for a medium sized rustic wedding. As our groom Tyson is staying at the Homestead, so on the day we started with our bride Ruby first to save time later from travelling around. Our bride chose her getting ready place at a pretty boutique place on Airbnb. When we arrived there, we found most of the interior decorations pretty on point, just a few things were blocking the view. So first thing we do when we arrive […]

Amy & Jonothan Wedding Day – Melbourne Wedding Vlog – Vogue Ballroom

Vogue Ballroom Wedding Vlog – Our wedding Day We had a fun wedding photography shoot with Amy and Jonanthan on their wedding day at the Vogue Ballroom Melbourne. It is also our first time vlogging a wedding day behind scene video on a photographer/videographer’s perspective. As in real life, the majority of us don’t get in front of the camera that often, we always think wedding day photography a painful and awkward process. So, with this vlog, we believe this is the perfect opportunity to show couples how relaxing and fun it can be. Before their wedding, Amy and Jonothan had a meeting with us discussed they would like their ceremony to be held at the Royal Botanical Garden and reception to be held at […]
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