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Veronica & Ahmed @ Luminare South Melbourne Wedding Video

Veronica and Ahmed had a modern and tradition perfectly mixed wedding in Melbourne. The traditional wedding ceremony was organized at their parents’ house while the modern ceremony was held at Luminare, the rooftop venue in South Melbourne.

Elise & Nick @ Luminare Wedding Video

If you ever are looking for a rooftop wedding venue with an exceptional Melbourne city view, then just say “I do” in Luminaire. When it comes to Elise and Nick, they chose to have their wedding at the Luminare almost without a hesitation.
lumin2 700x720 - Ash & Ashna's Wedding Photography @ Luminare

Ash & Ashna’s Wedding Photography @ Luminare

Ashna and Ash’s moody wedding at Carousel and Luminare is giving us all the heart eyes. We met the couple on a wedding expo as Ashna run her own wedding dress shop on Sydney Road, Brunswick.
stephe - Stephanie & Luke's Wedding Photography @ Luminare

Stephanie & Luke’s Wedding Photography @ Luminare

When we met Stephanie and Luke on a wedding expo in Melbourne, they were discussing with us about mix the wedding with their Italian traditions and the contemporary vibe. They prefer to create a romantic and epic wedding. We feel so lucky to be part of Stephanie and Luke’s wedding as the wedding photographer.

Ash & Ashna @ Luminare

Married on the 17th of February, Ashna and Ash had their wedding ceremony at the Carousel and reception at Luminare in South Melbourne. As Ashna works in the wedding industry as well, she soon fell in love with our video portfolio when we met on the wedding expo.
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