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All Wedding-Photography

Poets Lane Receptions Wedding Photography TM 97 - Teghan & Michael's Wedding Photography @ Poet's Lane Receptions

Teghan & Michael’s Wedding Photography @ Poet’s Lane Receptions

Blessed with a backdrop as charming as the Dandenong Ranges, Teghan and Michael's intimate Melbourne wedding was bound to be a beauty! Guess who capture these two wild hearts? Melbourne based wedding photographer - Tree Studio.
Perricoota Station Wedding Photography K 210 - Kate & Beau's Wedding Photography @ Perricoota Station

Kate & Beau’s Wedding Photography @ Perricoota Station

Opting for a relaxed vibe, Kate and Beau sure did manage to pull off a doozy. The couple’s dreamy day was doused in white rose florals from Bryants BUDS with the bride walking down the aisle in a soft ballgown from our friends at the Bridal Atelier. Our lens extraordinaire was there to capture each and every moment of Kate and Beau’s wedding day. Click to see the sweet shoot.
The Luxor Function Centre Wedding CJ 3 - Cassandra & Jacques' Wedding Photography @ The Luxor Function Centre

Cassandra & Jacques’ Wedding Photography @ The Luxor Function Centre

Cassandra and Jacques had an epic and romantic wedding in Melbourne this summer. As the wedding photographer for them, what I loved this wedding the most is they did keep the whole wedding in a mix of traditional and contemporary way. We feel so lucky to join Cassandra and Jacques’s gorgeous wedding as the wedding photographer.
The Pier Geelong Wedding Photography IT 1 - Isabel & Thomas's Wedding Photography @ The Pier Geelong

Isabel & Thomas’s Wedding Photography @ The Pier Geelong

Isabel & Thomas's Wedding Photography @ The Pier Geelong
Melbourne private property wedding photography bs 149 - Brooke & Sam's Wedding Photography @ Private Property

Brooke & Sam’s Wedding Photography @ Private Property

Come to the last day of 2019, super suave couple Brooke and Sam tie the knot together in their own backyard. Our wedding photographer has captured a super chilled celebration.
St Michael’s Uniting Church Wedding Photography DD 16 - David & Deb Wedding Photography @ St Michael’s Uniting Church

David & Deb Wedding Photography @ St Michael’s Uniting Church

Married at the St Michael’s Uniting Church, it was a absolute pleasure for us to capture wedding photography for Dab and David’s wedding. The couple planned their wedding reception at George Ballroom which stands as one of the most historic wedding venues in Melbourne. However, due to the pandemic, the couple had to push their celebration to later this year. Located on Collins Street, the St Michael’s Uniting Church is one of the most iconic churches that you can find in the CBD, and the bride and groom will be benefited with endless photo opportunities from inside to outside. The Collin’s street has the perfect setting for some modern styled wedding photography and during the pre-wedding meeting, the couple also wanted to have some greeneries […]
Mona Lisa Wedding Photography CF 1 - Claudia & Freddy Wedding Photography @ Mona Lisa

Claudia & Freddy Wedding Photography @ Mona Lisa

Claudia & Freddy Wedding Photography @ Mona Lisa As a Melbourne wedding photographer, there aren’t many things that are more exciting than capturing wedding photography for a grand Lebanese wedding. It is my pleasure and honour to capture wedding photos for lovely couple Freddy and Claudia at the Mona Lisa Receptions. On the day, we started with our groom Freddy and his groomsmen squad with the getting ready wedding photography. Freddy certainly knew how to showcase his accessories by arranging them perfectly by the window together with the luxury furniture. After some detailed shots of his Tom Ford sunglasses as well as other accessories, we then let the boys to get changed. During the getting ready, we captured plenty of laughers and fun between the […]
Vogue Ballroom Wedding Photography LA 77 - Leana & Alex's Wedding Photography @ Vogue Ballroom

Leana & Alex’s Wedding Photography @ Vogue Ballroom

With incredible Dandenong Range Views as their backdrop, Leana and Alex created an incredible celebration that was all kinds of wow. This stunning couple work in the wedding industry as a cake designer, so they get heaps of familiar faces to be their wedding vendors. We are glad to be recognised and chosen to be the wedding photographer.
Montsalvat Wedding Photography MJ 124 - Mollie & James's Wedding Photography @Montsalvat

Mollie & James’s Wedding Photography @Montsalvat

Mollie and James are a lovely couple who could remind us why we so much like documenting the weddings. Their wedding is about two human beings come together and share their love in front of their family and friends with the emotions and happiness.
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