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Melbourne City Wedding

February 29, 2020
Emerald Reception Centre wa 133 - Wally & Nataly's Wedding Photography @ Emerald Reception Centre

Wally & Nataly’s Wedding Photography @ Emerald Reception Centre

Wally and Nataly’s Melbourne Wedding was an urban dream. Those two lovers opted for a mix of the traditional and modern style wedding. As a designer herself, Nataly keep the wedding simple and elegant in our wedding photographer's eyes.
February 27, 2020
Glasshaus Inside Wedding Photography F 114 - Francesca & Adam's Wedding Photography @ Glasshaus Inside

Francesca & Adam’s Wedding Photography @ Glasshaus Inside

Meet Francesca & Adam, peeps. Met each other in the secondary college, these two are sweetness incarnate. They find the Glasshaus Inside, where is a beautiful and unique place in a wedding photographer's eyes . The plants and nature are part of their vision for the wedding.
February 3, 2020
Luminare Wedding AA 116 1 - Ash & Ashna's Wedding Photography @ Luminare

Ash & Ashna’s Wedding Photography @ Luminare

Ashna and Ash’s moody wedding at Carousel and Luminare is giving us all the heart eyes. We met the couple on a wedding expo as Ashna run her own wedding dress shop on Sydney Road, Brunswick.
January 31, 2020
The Luxor Function Centre Wedding CJ 3 - Cassandra & Jacques' Wedding Photography @ The Luxor Function Centre

Cassandra & Jacques’ Wedding Photography @ The Luxor Function Centre

Cassandra and Jacques had an epic and romantic wedding in Melbourne this summer. As the wedding photographer for them, what I loved this wedding the most is they did keep the whole wedding in a mix of traditional and contemporary way. We feel so lucky to join Cassandra and Jacques’s gorgeous wedding as the wedding photographer.
January 28, 2020
Montsalvat Wedding Photography MJ 124 - Mollie & James's Wedding Photography @Montsalvat

Mollie & James’s Wedding Photography @Montsalvat

Mollie and James are a lovely couple who could remind us why we so much like documenting the weddings. Their wedding is about two human beings come together and share their love in front of their family and friends with the emotions and happiness.
January 26, 2020
Sheldon Receptions Wedding KE 95 - Kush & Elizabeth's Wedding Photography @ Sheldon Reception

Kush & Elizabeth’s Wedding Photography @ Sheldon Reception

What a day we had at Elizabeth and Kush’s epic and lavish wedding at Sheldon Receptions, Melbourne. With the all-star vendors working with them, Elizabeth and Kush made their wedding romantic, epic and heaps of fun.
January 24, 2020
Melbourne Mansfield Wedding Photography ED 69 - Elizabth & Daniel's Wedding Photography @ Mansfield Private Property

Elizabth & Daniel’s Wedding Photography @ Mansfield Private Property

Elizabth & Daniel's Wedding Photography @ Mansfield Private Property
January 23, 2020
canvas - Jennifer & Roberto's Wedding Photography @ Canvas House

Jennifer & Roberto’s Wedding Photography @ Canvas House

Capturing the wedding of a couple who lives in the same suburb is really something interesting. Our studio is based in South Melbourne and so do Jennifer and Rob.
January 22, 2020
stephe - Stephanie & Luke's Wedding Photography @ Luminare

Stephanie & Luke’s Wedding Photography @ Luminare

When we met Stephanie and Luke on a wedding expo in Melbourne, they were discussing with us about mix the wedding with their Italian traditions and the contemporary vibe. They prefer to create a romantic and epic wedding. We feel so lucky to be part of Stephanie and Luke’s wedding as the wedding photographer.
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