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Sun Theater Wedding Photography 29 - Shelley & Nathan Wedding Photography @Sun Theater

Shelley & Nathan Wedding Photography @Sun Theater

Shelley & Nathan Wedding Photography @Sun Theatre   Check out Shelley and Nathan’s natural and candid wedding photography shot at the Sun Theatre. The lovely couple had their first date at this location and that’s why for their wedding ceremony, this meaningful location came top of the list.   On the day our wedding photographer started with the couple’s wedding ceremony. The wedding ceremony is held inside the main theatre room. With its original yet amazing condition features, perfect lighting and rows of seats, the Sun Theatre room makes up a perfect spot to say ‘I do’.   Before our bride Shelley walked down the aisle, our wedding photographer was able to captured lots of emotional photos of Nathan waiting for the bride. And also […]
butler1 700x720 - Stefanie & Jayme Wedding Photography @ Butler Lane by Peter Rowland

Stefanie & Jayme Wedding Photography @ Butler Lane by Peter Rowland

Richmond laneways, green ivy walls, festoon lights, chic industrial looking reception, and most importantly a pair of wonderful couple, made Stephanie and Jayme’s wedding photography at Butler Lane truly one of a kind. We knew the Stephanie and Jayme almost a year ago before their wedding and according to our bride: after viewing our photos and knowing our approach on wedding photography, she quickly realized we were the perfect match for stunning photos. And Jayme also said that our natural and easy approach on taking candid photos was exactly he was expecting. Located in the heart of the Richmond, the Peter Rowland reception is truly a unique piece out of so many other wedding receptions, and the reason is yet quite simple: it offers so […]
phoo1 700x720 - Wally & Nataly's Wedding Photography @ Emerald Reception Centre

Wally & Nataly’s Wedding Photography @ Emerald Reception Centre

Wally and Nataly’s Melbourne Wedding was an urban dream. Those two lovers opted for a mix of the traditional and modern style wedding. As a designer herself, Nataly keep the wedding simple and elegant in our wedding photographer's eyes.
lumin2 700x720 - Ash & Ashna's Wedding Photography @ Luminare

Ash & Ashna’s Wedding Photography @ Luminare

Ashna and Ash’s moody wedding at Carousel and Luminare is giving us all the heart eyes. We met the couple on a wedding expo as Ashna run her own wedding dress shop on Sydney Road, Brunswick.
Marnong Estate Wedding Photography KT 189 - Taleisha & Kane's Wedding Photography @ Marnong Estate 

Taleisha & Kane’s Wedding Photography @ Marnong Estate 

If this ain’t the sweetest winery themed wedding you ever did see! Taleisha and Kane’s wedding day was a long-awaited delight with couple as they know each other since high school.
Potters Reception Wedding Photography 1 - Vivian & Michael Wedding Photography @ Potters Reception

Vivian & Michael Wedding Photography @ Potters Reception

Potters Reception Wedding Photography Vivian & Michael   Vivian and Michael’s wedding photography at the Potters reception is giving us all the heart eyes. Natural and candid, our wedding photographer captured plenty of precious moments at the couple’s intimate wedding in Melbourne.   On the day, our wedding photographer started from the couple’s first look photography before their wedding ceremony. The Potters reception is renowned for its picturesque landscape and greenery, so it did not take long for our wedding photographer to find the perfect spot with contrasting background and shades to do the first look wedding photography.   After the first look wedding photography, our wedding photographer then took the opportunity of time just before the wedding ceremony to do some wedding portraits for our […]
Glasshaus Inside Wedding Photography F 114 - Francesca & Adam's Wedding Photography @ Glasshaus Inside

Francesca & Adam’s Wedding Photography @ Glasshaus Inside

Meet Francesca & Adam, peeps. Met each other in the secondary college, these two are sweetness incarnate. They find the Glasshaus Inside, where is a beautiful and unique place in a wedding photographer's eyes . The plants and nature are part of their vision for the wedding.
Harbour Room Wedding Photography OM 71 - Olivia & Matt's Wedding Photography @ Harbour Room

Olivia & Matt’s Wedding Photography @ Harbour Room

BRIEF:   Olivia and Matte were married on the 6th of March, 2021, their wedding ceremony and reception were held at the Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron.   WEDDING VENUE: Situated on the waterfront at St Kilda, it is one of the outstanding beach wedding venue with endless port view in Melbourne. It is convenient to reach due to the short distance away from Melbourne CBD.   As a Melbourne wedding photographer, I like capturing weddings at this excellent wedding venue is the amount of options that Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron offers: the Harbour Room is suitable for wedding night party for 50 to 400 guests and the Roof Top has just upgrade for wedding ceremonies with a stunning view of Port Phillip.   There are […]
Emu Bottom Homestead Wedding Photography RT 62 - Ruby & Tyson's Wedding Photography @ Emu Bottom Homestead

Ruby & Tyson’s Wedding Photography @ Emu Bottom Homestead

Ruby & Tyson's Wedding Photography @ Emu Bottom Homestead
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