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Melbourne Wedding Photos & Videos — Rochford Wines Yarra Valley

Rochford Wines Yarra valley Wedding

Set in the heart of the famous Yarra valley, Rochford wines is well known for its tasty wine as well as picturesque scenery for wedding photography. Another aspect that makes Rochford wines wedding venue standout is its flexibility: based on catering needs, couples can choose between three restaurants with capacities ranging from 240 guests to 500 guests.

At Rochford wines, there are endless opportunities for stunning wedding photography. The modern yet minimalist architectures act as a perfect backdrop for the photos. You can also have a walk with your beloved ones down the alley in the underground cellar. However, in a professional wedding photographer’s point of view, my favourite scenery is the famous vineyard walk during sunset time. With the sunlight shining on the beautiful couple’s faces, every moment during that golden hour will become timeless.

If you are planning to celebrate your special day in an unforgettable style at the Rochford’s, please do not hesitate to consult our professional wedding team for suggestions and information on Wedding Photography.

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