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Panama Dining Room Wedding Photography HM 12 - How to do Pre-Wedding Consultant for Melbourne Wedding Photography, Complete Guide

How to do Pre-Wedding Consultant for Melbourne Wedding Photography, Complete Guide

The pre wedding consultant or so-called pre wedding meeting is an essential part of wedding photography service in Melbourne. The well-organised pre wedding consultant can help wedding photographer understand bride and groom’s clear perspective and also create a solid relationship between the wedding couple and photographer.   What is pre wedding consultation definition? The pre wedding consultation is a meeting that wedding photographer make an accurate wedding day timeline, location addresses and details of wedding information for the bride and groom. The pre wedding consultation is advised to be face to face or video virtual meeting such as via Zoom or Skype if the bride and groom are living far from wedding photographer. When the pre wedding consultation does arrange? The ideal of time of […]
Butler Lane by Peter Rowland Wedding Photography SJ 74 - How to Film a Wedding Videography, Complete Guide

How to Film a Wedding Videography, Complete Guide

  Written in Feb 2021 by Mark, a truly wedding filmmaker in Melbourne I’m Mark, a Melbourne wedding videographer filming wedding almost 10 years. I have trained more than 10 wedding videographers in our studio. Some of the lucky ones are innately talented, or they have cinematography skills and media experiences in University. When they see one thing, they can develop new creative ideas and also, they are self-taught. However, in the real world, most of us are average intelligent and even ordinary. In my ealier teaching of the wedding videography course, most of the methods are oral based. Sometime, students felt they learnd the skills, but they can’t use the skill in real wedding or even using on the wrong way without consciousness. Meanwhile, […]
St Kilda Botanical Garden Wedding Photography 1 920x667 - Wedding Location - St Kilda Botanical Gardens

Wedding Location – St Kilda Botanical Gardens

The St Kilda Botanical Garden is an extraordinary garden located nestled in Melbourne’s bayside. Its lush green manicured garden together with the pond and conservatory made it a perfect choice for wedding photo locations. The St Kilda Botanical Garden is ideal for those who want a touch of greenery to be featured on their wedding photography, while also being able to getaway from the Melbourne CBD’s weekend traffic. When comparing the size, the St Kilda Botanical Garden is certainly not as huge as other gardens which mentioned inside the top 20 wedding photo location article. However, there are just more than enough photo spots inside the gardens to do candid wedding photography. The pond gives a little bit of water element while the Rose Garden […]
Ben The Terrace 39 of 86 920x667 - Weddings at the Royal Botanic Gardens

Weddings at the Royal Botanic Gardens

The Royal Botanic Gardens is not only one of the most popular destinations for tourists, it also represents one of the most popular wedding ceremonies as well as photo location for Melbourne bride and groom. However, one common problem that couples encounter during their wedding planning at the Royal Botanical Garden is there are simply too many options within the garden to choose from. There are 4 wedding venues as well as 8 different ceremony locations within the garden so today, we will take you on a tour to discover wedding inside the Royal Botanic Garden. Before we get started, something to be noted is that a permit from the Melbourne City Council is required for outdoor wedding ceremonies that are done inside the botanic […]
fiztory gardens wedding location 920x720 - 7 Spots in Fitzroy Gardens Wedding Photo Location

7 Spots in Fitzroy Gardens Wedding Photo Location

5 minutes away from the St Patrick Cathedral, you will find one of the best wedding photo locations on the East side of Melbourne which is the Fitzroy Garden. Inside Fitzroy Garden, you will find lots of greeneries, tree lines, as well as some architectures that are good for wedding photography. Located on the end of Lansdowne street and Wellington Parade, the Fitzroy garden is not only located close to many popular wedding ceremony locations and venues, the sufficiency of parking near the garden also provides great convivence for couples. There are several popular spots that are perfect for wedding location photos inside Fitzroy Garden, which includes the two lined trees, the conservatory, Cook’s Cottage, the Boy on the Turtle as well as the Rotunda […]
wedding timeline

How to Organize Your Wedding Timeline Melbourne

All the brides expect to have an as smooth as possible wedding day. However, they often find it a bit head scratching to work out a proper wedding timeline. So, before we start this video on how to work out your wedding day timeline, I want to first explain why am I doing this video. Of course, we would like to help every lovely couple, but also, as a wedding photographer who stands close to couple and capture their precious moments, I see myself an important part to compose every couple’s weeding schedule. Stepped into the wedding photography industry 7 years ago, I have witness hundreds of couples tie the knot. Through this journey, I have learned some important lessons and gained some vital experience […]
Ormond Collective Wedding Photography S 7 - Top 5 Unique Wedding Venues in Melbourne

Top 5 Unique Wedding Venues in Melbourne

Selecting a wedding venue is not an easy-task. I have heard countless stories from couples about how they wished they had some suggestions. So, I will list 5 most unique wedding venues. Glasshaus Inside Cremorne Glasshaus Inside is one of hidden gems in Melbourne. It is a picturesque venue with both the theme of modern industry and the magnificence of greenies. Glasshaus Inside is an award winning 1920s warehouse which has impeccably style. Glasshaus is nursery by day, and stunning wedding venue by night. Wall to wall leaves and flowers, life-sized plants potted in ceramic and metal pots are stacked on shelves. It is the most unique backdrop for wedding photographs. Address 44 Cremorne St, Cremorne VIC 3121, Australia Capacity Max.85 Seated/95 for Cocktail Photography […]
Werribee Mansion Wedding Photography 0 - 10 Melbourne Heritage Wedding Venues to Consider for Weddings

10 Melbourne Heritage Wedding Venues to Consider for Weddings

Ever dreamed about a vintage, elegant wedding that embraces some old-world charm for your upcoming wedding in 2020? Then you should definitely consider one of the heritage wedding venues in Melbourne as your wedding reception. Known for its historical architectures, Melbourne offers wedding couples plenty of choices on a range of heritage wedding venues.
Luminare Wedding AA 101 - South Melbourne Wedding Bridal Suppliers

South Melbourne Wedding Bridal Suppliers

Wedding planning is a long journey for every bride-to-be in Melbourne. From choosing your dream wedding dress to your favourite wedding photographer, finding your best wedding bridal suppliers involves a lot of travelling and meetings. Sometimes this whole process can be a little bit overwhelming and you might wonder: Is there a place that are filled with heaps of bridal shops so I can save time from travelling around different suburbs? South Melbourne is one of the magical places where wedding dream comes true. With a laid-back vibe, the South Melbourne is also filled with lots of renowned wedding suppliers. In this article, we are going to unveil some of the best wedding suppliers in South Melbourne for your wedding in 2020. South Melbourne Bridal […]
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